Tap into your B2B e-commerce potential now.

Global B2B sellers and manufacturers are marching towards their target of building their own e-commerce store to serve their international customer base. The real question is can eCommerce help century-old manufacturers in attracting more revenue and provide value to customers?. We are solving this question with our experience and research in the industry.

The global e-commerce industry for B2B is less than 7 Trillion USD in the year 2020. With the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, which acted as the catalyst for digital adoption by most businesses, this industry is poised to hit more than 25 million by 2028.

What are the advantages of going online?

  • Scalability and Growth – Round the clock store availability, 365 days!
  • Target new markets and customers easily with digital ads and immediate conversion!
  • Carefully crafted customer experience to convert your visitors to customers without even a single call!
  • Digital system helping your customers to discover your products, complete procurement, and track their business with you, all at your fingertip!
  • Digital analytics of your customer behaviors to improve your overall brand experience
  • Improved transparency in the complete process
  • Improved brand perception and loyalty of customers
  • Reduced carbon footprint by cutting down the travel of both parties, saves time too!

Embracing e-commerce is still a nightmare to most B2B businesses, especially manufacturers. We have identified challenges and concerns by B2B business owners and not surprisingly all of them are common across industries and geographies. 

  • Longterm relationships and the personalized sales process 
  • Clients’ multi-level and complex procurement process
  • Customer-specific pricing and its confidentiality
  • Complex pricing and shipping logic for calculation
  • Payment methods and credit management
  • Integration of other in-house systems 
  • Impact on offline sales routed via distributors and resellers
  • Customized products in the inventory
  • Incorporation of operation and fulfillment processes with a new system
  • Country specific products and inventory
  • Lack of in-house skilled resources to analyze, plan, build and maintain e-commerce platform

We can help you in tackling the above challenges.

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